Leave Your Soul


I know this is true because I am suddenly very tired. A wave of fatigue that is undeniable and almost unbearable crashes over me whenever I touch onto the truth with my words.The weight that settles into my chest dares me to go forward, to push through and into the deepest and sometimes darkest part of emotion.

I wrote this quote out after meeting a person who, well, didn’t think like me about the value of people with different abilities or disabilities and, as always,

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After Each Fall, I…


Perhaps I carried more weight than I could bear.

Perhaps I mismanaged the weight,

or I’ve just tried to move ahead too quickly without watching the path.

After each fall, I rise a little damaged,

a little bruised,

a little shaken by the misstep.

My knees in particular, the key movable joints to my personal progress, are scraped, swollen, and sometimes stiffen in protest.

Let’s rethink this, they tell me. Take a minute before going again.

After each fall I

It’s My Birthday – So Let’s Talk About Me

I’m a Leo. So it stands to reason, for my fortieth birthday, I celebrated for a whole month. Really. I had more than one big party and several small parties, all in the name of my birthday. One night, I sang for like, seven hours at Karaoke, another I reserved a deck for an outdoor concert, I went to smaller, intimate dinners, lunches and brunches, and well, you get the idea. i mention it because… 

This year I am forty-five.

And…I actually didn’t remember my birthday was barreling down on me until

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Fine Lines Journal & Camp

Fine Lines

During my first year in this new adventure called writing, I discovered the beauty of the public library. I wrote a lot in libraries and have tried out the several locations Omaha is fortunate to have. It is empowering to write while surrounded by so many great works. It feels good to be among people among the books. And there are limited distractions, enabling work.

Well, limited if you don’t count the books and magazines…

I first picked up a Fine Lines Journal in the downtown location of the Omaha Public