If I Bear Your Lie

“You lied.”

“I wanted to help.” Serynn replied.

“If I force you to tell the truth, the church will hang you.” Doran said, “If I bear your lie, allow you to arm me with your ignorance, I shall die in tournament.”

“In truth,” Peter spoke, “You’ve little chance of living through tournament as ‘tis.”

“Thank you. Peter.”

“You will not die at tournament.” Serynn said.

They three, practically children, faced an impossible position for themselves and for the Island. Yet Doran felt the corners of his mouth turn upward. No words came forth but Serynn saw, “I forgive you.”


Thank you Charli for this

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“The Ring” and the Stories Around It


“Melissa loved to sit quietly in her room and write down her innermost thoughts and feelings.” Her sister, Laura, told me.

I never knew Melissa, but I relate. I relate because of how as a teenager I, too, wrote to let the words comfort me and help carve my sense of place in the world. I relate because my son also has a vivid imagination and his stories flow from him like water from a spring. The hours he spends sorting out characters, adventures and conflicts.

One more way I relate is that

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My Letter from Ernest

2015 was a huge learning year. With Marcus’ book and my own, with touring, with marketing and publishing, plus with life in general…

And, of course, with craft. Last year I moderated a writer’s panel and gave out the prompt, *Write a letter to yourself from an author you respect.* 

Dear Writers, listen up to what my imaginary version of Ernest has to tell me – and you –


Me, too.

letter from Ernest

That’s what I have

In Which I Explain MardraSikora.com

sigToday I am going to try to explain myself, this website, its name and purpose, but not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in any order, as a matter of fact. I think I’ll start with answering a few “why’s” instead.

Why did I create this website?

theinnocentpricebookI created MardraSikora.com as a platform builder for a novel series called The Innocent Prince. The Innocent Prince is a fantasy that explores the “what if” a prince were born