When Marcus Rolls, Everybody Wins!


Marcus has been pretty stoked for this birthday. 25 has been his “number” all year. I’ve never known anyone more excited to be 25. As you may remember, it was pretty much the day after his 24th birthday that he decided to celebrate 25 in Vegas. Now, to be fair, he does have a unique point of reference as he has grandparents with a home in Vegas, so we’ve been before and celebrated birthdays here before. But this birthday, well, go big or go home people!

It Begins

If you’ve ever gone to

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Speaking of the Process…

Earlier this week I lamented about how difficult I find it to write about the writing process with Marcus. As is the current custom the lament was shared on Facebook, here’s part of it:

Today I’m trying to get “on paper” the process of creating Black Day. I’ve written bits here and there about what writing with Marcus is like. I don’t know why it’s so hard to capture. Because on the one hand it’s pretty simple: He tells me dialogue, action and setting, and I write it down. On the other hand, art is

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Black Day: About Band Name and Influences

PumpkinheadOne day Marcus started telling me about a monster band.

The band comprised of Frankenstein on drums, Dracula on keyboard, and a werewolf played guitar. When I asked him the name of this band, he told me, “Black Day.”

Ah. Perfect.

Black Day came after Gold Day

I wasn’t surprised because his own alter-ego band is Gold Day. Gold, a good bright yellow gold, is his favorite color. The band Gold Day was founded in his mind years ago after he started sharing interest with our

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What are the Odds – Beth Sullivan

Let’s continue our What are the Odds Series. Today’s guest is the Chairperson of  the International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC), Beth Sullivan. I met Beth in real life in Las Vegas at the DSIA conference and we quickly connected with the phrase:

“It’s always the quiet ones…”

Let your imagination wander. 

Sullivan FamilyBeth lives in Kansas with her husband and children. Oliver is 10 and has Down syndrome and Sebastian is 9. When not advocating, Beth is a writer, reporter, book lover, avid