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“(I like Black Day) because the author of it has Down Syndrome”

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Children’s author Marcus Sikora visited Horace Mann after receiving an award winning letter from a fifth grader.

Marcus Sikora is the author of the children’s book “Black Day”, a Halloween book about a boy wanting to be accepted into a monster band. Marcus Sikora got the idea for the book at a state park.

“I was at Mahoney State Park,” Marcus Sikora said. “It’s a great place to think about monsters.”

Marcus Sikora also draws his inspiration from activities he enjoys, especially theater. He has performed in local plays, and wrote a short one-act play.

What is remarkable about Marcus Sikora is

Bennington Black Day Animated Short Showing and Q & A

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As part of the Bennington Public Library Author Series, we will be showing Black Day the animated short. Also, Marcus will be available for Q & A and autographs.

Note the location as the library is under construction – so this event is being hosted at the Ridgewood Active Retirement Community.


This is a FREE event.  Books and DVD’s will be available for sale.

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band


Buy it!

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band is a Halloween children’s book.

A hardback, 40 page, fully illustrated, story book for children (of all ages, of course!) Also available, the read along 13 minute animated short. 

A Halloween children’s book about a Boy who Wants to be in the Band

Brad is a paper boy who wants to be a rock star, so when he discovers the band Black Day playing in old Professor Hammer’s garage, he really wants to join.

The band’s monsters have a different idea and send him away, “No humans!”

Brad sets out

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Why does Marcus have First Billing on the Book Black Day: The Monster Rock Band?

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black day titlep

Today let’s discuss why Marcus Sikora, a young man with Down syndrome, has first credit for the book and why this is even a question.

Writing about Creating.

I’ve written many words trying to share with you how the writing process with Marcus works. Most of those words still lay jumbled on a page not yet shared; they don’t touch the impact of the process.

Black Day Reviews!

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words in the worldThis Words in the World Wed is a reviewer-so-far-wrap-up And More!

First! We need your help. Please – Please – Please help us spread the word by “supporting’ us on this Thunderclap Campaign. It’s important, when you get to the page, to click through the “support” buttons. Check it out here:

Now – Onto the line-up! We started with Omaha Bloggers review Black Day: The Monster Rock BandThen we

The DVD – Black Day: The Monster Rock Band Animated Short

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If you order the DVD only the cost is $5 plus the One book shipping/handling cost of 5.59 (so total with shipping is 10.59) But please note: The animated short read-along DVD of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band can be ordered in combo with the book for 24.95 (plus 1 book s/h cost 5.59, total 30.54) by clicking here
The animated short is available on DVD.

The DVD includes the 13 minute 3D animated short, a special features commentary, the song “We are the Band (Black Day!)” and a photo slide show.


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