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Flash Fiction by Women Writers

. “The first month the old woman didn’t pay her rent she bought a gun instead. . .   The next month she ordered a live lobster. A boy brought it in a box strapped to the back of his bike. She handed him a two dollar coin. Then they both turned and stood a […] more

Recipe – How to Make Time

  This is an oldie. I hope you like it. Just for fun. 🙂   It was the start of February and I asked my husband how he likes our Valentine’s Day Tree.  The small tree put up for Christmas that was still displayed  in our  living room.  “The angels are really cupids” I tell […] more

Do not be fooled, there is nothing safe about sharing your story

I went to a writer’s workshop and, perhaps it was the migraine beginning behind my right eye, or it was the writing and sharing with strangers that I rediscovered this truth.  It’s not easy, right? We must take risks.  We must give it away… more

A conversation with the Shoulder Angels OR The Year’s Update

  “So,” the devil on my shoulder asked accusingly, “Exactly What have you accomplished this year?”   My shoulder angel has been harder to keep alert lately, but she wagged her index finger and said, “We haven’t been lolly-gagging.” “Oh yeah?” the mini-devil persisted. “Well what have you got to show for it! A book?” he […] more

Art isn’t Easy

However, no matter how thankful we, as artists & writers are, to JK Rowling for breaking open the industry and getting kids and adults to read again, we now find ourselves in a new cycle of commercial is-it-as-good-as Rowling's work for YA, for wizardry, for adventure, for commercial viability...The industry had to be convinced that Harry Potter was viable. Now it is all part of the cycle.

So where will my story fall into all of this? At the moment at Sondheim's third point:

In theory, I shouldn't care. I need to write the best story I can. That's how it all started. I had a story, a giant what-if, burning under my skin and it came gushing from me. Then I began learning everything I didn't know, I don't know. I've been tuning my craft. I've analyzed and read and run my head right up against a giant stone wall. The words that once flowed from me are now choking in my throat. All of the demons that writers know so well are included, for a rundown of these Chris Mandeville shares the list with pictures even! more

Flash Fiction & Unbelievable Truths

Life is full of stories and inspiration

Combine that with my stubborn nature, and sometimes there will be a story that I am unwilling to change. This story is a fine example of both. There were three bits of "real life" that collided to combine the elements for this story. The most unbelievable bits, those have come from true life. My decision to not pull those bits from the story make it mine; they also make it difficult to sell.

So I won't. Instead I am giving it to you for Free! It's been over a month since I've given you some fiction. SO here you go, enjoy this short work and know there's more truth to it than you may think. :)

Those Eternal Minutes

Lane’s phone vibrated from within his inside suit pocket. more

What I Want Every News Article to Include

I don’t believe “Everything happens for a reason.” I believe that everything that happens has a consequence, yes. I guess what I really don’t believe is the inferred concept that “the reason” is always positive in the long run.

No. In my own past, I have to say that certain experiences have not, in fact, made me a better person. Truth be told, it’s entirely possible that I have been negatively affected by some of the “everything” that life has dealt.

And I’ve got it easy. The news is filled with horrors far worse. Which leads me to my real point: What am I supposed to do with all this bad news, anyway? Most of the time it makes me sick to my stomach, causes nightmares, or that certain dark squiggle to loom over my head. more

Writing Critiques & Diving

. . I taught my brother how to dive, well that’s the way I remember it. For the record, I’m not a water fan, I don’t swim well, and I certainly have never dived.   I sat on the dock with just the two of us outside our grandparent’s house and directed him with each […] more

The Ironic World of Writing

I wrote a short story called “The Readers” that I unabashedly love. I do, I love this story. I’ve sent it out to a few markets and contests to no avail. Then I found what is the positively perfect spot, a lovely blogsite called 1 Bookshelf.

Although the blog is primarily essays about, you guessed it, a bookshelf, the tabs for submissions also included fiction.

Well, I don’t believe it’s a spoiler to tell you that “The Readers” involves a bookshelf.

Every anthology, blog, website, print or electronic has its own submission requirements. Don’t think for a moment that any two are close enough to just wing it and send. It’s part of a grand plan to be sure that you actually read the submission requirements, that’s the first of many secret passageways to publication you know. more

And now a snippet from The Innocent Prince Series

The Queen lay exhausted from the toil but still alert enough to notice the minutes that passed between them. She held her own breath in wait for the babe’s cry. Finally it came, a small burst from the child to claim his place. Then she waited for words of ease from Magdeline.

The Queen’s anticipation ran through a fog of fatigue. Magdeline wrapped the child and placed him in his basket. She completed the process of caring for the mother with swift efficiency. The Queen’s exhaustion overruled her anxieties and she lay for these moments in silence. Magdeline covered her and then attended to the babe.

“Tell me we have a Prince,” the Queen said softly.

“Yes,” said Magdeline. “You have a son.”

“I am anxious to meet him.” more