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It’s My Birthday – So Let’s Talk About Me

I’m a Leo. So it stands to reason, for my fortieth birthday, I celebrated for a whole month. Really. I had more than one big party and several small parties, all in the name of my birthday. One night, I sang for like, seven hours at Karaoke, another I reserved a deck for an outdoor […] more

Fine Lines Journal & Camp

Fine Lines During my first year in this new adventure called writing, I discovered the beauty of the public library. I wrote a lot in libraries and have tried out the several locations Omaha is fortunate to have. It is empowering to write while surrounded by so many great works. It feels good to be among people among […] more

Stark (1 for National Poetry Month)

April is National Poetry Month. I wrote this a few years back, in an April as I recall, but I like it. I hope you do too. . more

For National Poetry Month

We went as far as the car would take us, but it did not follow us into the mist. We walked from ourselves, from our sins, into the silver light. more

Recipe For Time

The Christmas Tree is Still Up at Our House “The angels are really cupids. Aren’t they cute with the cuddling snowmen?” February arrived and I dubbed the small tree put up for Christmas a “Valentine’s Day Tree.” The thing is, I barely had time to put up the tree before Christmas and I haven’t had […] more

Final Exams

  My fellow Council Members: I stand before you today 50 years after the inaugural Finals program when I myself was 10 years old, to discuss choosing the age bracket for an additional Final culling of atypicals.   Despite what the environmentalists say, I present myself here as an example that all of those examined […] more

Currently it’s all about Deadlines

Currently I’m managing to keep my nose above water with deadlines and finances – but I wish I was a better swimmer. I know, I know, if I didn’t jump into the deep-end and take on the rough waters every time, maybe I would be sailing along instead. I can’t help it! I just know […] more

Sikora’s Guide to the Galaxy

It’s Towel Day Today we let our Geek show. 🙂 May 25th is Towel Day. Towel Day is in honor of Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The story begins: “Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small, unregarded […] more

Flash Fiction & the Rose Red Review

You know what we haven’t talked about much lately? Fiction! Well, Good News. The Rose Red Review has great fiction and The Spring Edition of Rose Red Review, an online journal, is now up and live. You should read it!  You may recognize one flash fiction author in the lineup. nudge nudge, wink wink. Yup, […] more

“Level Up” and AIMS review

AIMS The best way to hear a new album is on a road trip. Or, barring that, a midnight drive. In circles if necessary. Nothing beats hearing a melody pushing your mind and a beat pulse through you while driving down the highway. Lyrics hit you in a space where you can hear them ; […] more