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5 Songs to Encourage Your Bless-ed AdventureS

It’s my birthday week and I’m contemplative. Having an August birthday comes with the “end of summer” and always feels a little like Lana’s, that “Summertime Sadness.” You know, melancholy with a touch of let’s-live-while-we-can feeling. (Plus it has the line, “You’re the best, baby” which, of course, makes me think Marcus wrote bits of […] more

If I Bear Your Lie

“You lied.” “I wanted to help.” Serynn replied. “If I force you to tell the truth, the church will hang you.” Doran said, “If I bear your lie, allow you to arm me with your ignorance, I shall die in tournament.” “In truth,” Peter spoke, “You’ve little chance of living through tournament as ‘tis.” “Thank […] more

“The Ring” and the Stories Around It

  “Melissa loved to sit quietly in her room and write down her innermost thoughts and feelings.” Her sister, Laura, told me. I never knew Melissa, but I relate. I relate because of how as a teenager I, too, wrote to let the words comfort me and help carve my sense of place in the […] more

My Letter from Ernest

2015 was a huge learning year. With Marcus’ book and my own, with touring, with marketing and publishing, plus with life in general… And, of course, with craft. Last year I moderated a writer’s panel and gave out the prompt, *Write a letter to yourself from an author you respect.*  Dear Writers, listen up to […] more

In Which I Explain

Today I am going to try to explain myself, this website, its name and purpose, but not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in any order, as a matter of fact. I think I’ll start with answering a few “why’s” instead. Why did I create this website? I created as a platform builder for […] more

Leave Your Soul

  I know this is true because I am suddenly very tired. A wave of fatigue that is undeniable and almost unbearable crashes over me whenever I touch onto the truth with my words.The weight that settles into my chest dares me to go forward, to push through and into the deepest and sometimes darkest […] more

After Each Fall, I…

. Perhaps I carried more weight than I could bear. Perhaps I mismanaged the weight, or I’ve just tried to move ahead too quickly without watching the path. After each fall, I rise a little damaged, a little bruised, a little shaken by the misstep. My knees in particular, the key movable joints to my […] more

It’s My Birthday – So Let’s Talk About Me

I’m a Leo. So it stands to reason, for my fortieth birthday, I celebrated for a whole month. Really. I had more than one big party and several small parties, all in the name of my birthday. One night, I sang for like, seven hours at Karaoke, another I reserved a deck for an outdoor […] more

Fine Lines Journal & Camp

Fine Lines During my first year in this new adventure called writing, I discovered the beauty of the public library. I wrote a lot in libraries and have tried out the several locations Omaha is fortunate to have. It is empowering to write while surrounded by so many great works. It feels good to be among people among […] more

Stark (1 for National Poetry Month)

April is National Poetry Month. I wrote this a few years back, in an April as I recall, but I like it. I hope you do too. . more