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Marcus’ Top 3 Lessons From our NYC Trip

NYC for #WDSD16 SO it’s already been about two months since WDSD. I took notes, as I do, while we were there but I also wanted to stew in them a minute, simmer into my consciousness a little from life in the city full of every language, highest of highs and lowest of lows, decadence, poverty, […] more

The Good, The Needed, The Awesome – A #WDSD16 Wrap Up

A #WDSD16 Wrap Up For you other geeks out there, I will now share about our #WDSD experience. For those of you who stick with me, there is an extra special treat at the end, the nugget Marcus shared with me at the end of the day. From Webcam to Being There For the previous […] more

Worlds Collide – With Pictures

A very brief overview of the last few weeks. Very brief… Worlds Collide? Wow, that sounds violent. But it’s not, it’s natural. Maybe instead I should say worlds reflect, nah, too distant. Worlds Web? Closer. These last few weeks our passions, our friends, our prospects braided together, intertwined, and we spun around among them. My […] more

#WDSD16 The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome Book Tour & Giveaway

We are super excited to kick off March 2016 and the #WDSD16 buildup with another virtual book tour of The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome, complete with another grand prize giveaway! Woop Woop!                 . . . The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome: Advice, Information, Inspiration, and Support […] more