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Worlds Collide – With Pictures

A very brief overview of the last few weeks. Very brief… Worlds Collide? Wow, that sounds violent. But it’s not, it’s natural. Maybe instead I should say worlds reflect, nah, too distant. Worlds Web? Closer. These last few weeks our passions, our friends, our prospects braided together, intertwined, and we spun around among them. My […] more

Words in the World – Mamalode

Hello Friends! Much to tell you, I know, I am Beeeehind! So let’s start with this little ditty picked up by Mamalode.  The prompt was “Stories” but it ended up in “Aspire” – even better! And it published on #WDSD16 – Best YET! I have to tell you, I like it. I hope you do […] more

Young Actors, Allies, and Awards

. As a child, I was told that a hummingbird shouldn’t be able to fly. I was told that, scientifically, it’s a bizarre phenomenon. Therefore, being an early lover and adapter of metaphor, I always considered the hummingbird to be the perfect example of being able to do something better if you don’t think about […] more

Why does Marcus have First Billing on the Book Black Day: The Monster Rock Band?

Today let’s discuss why Marcus Sikora, a young man with Down syndrome, has first credit for the book and why this is even a question. Writing about Creating. I’ve written many words trying to share with you how the writing process with Marcus works. Most of those words still lay jumbled on a page not […] more

#Giveaways to Get In On

OK! There are a few awesome giveaways going on in honor of #WDSD16 that you don’t want to miss out on! One) Reasons to Smile: New book review and Giveaway. This one ends soon – so don’t delay! “SO Many Reasons to Smile” Here.  Two) The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome Grand Prize Giveaway has […] more

Our Story of Down syndrome: The Short Version

For the first 21 years or so of Marcus’ life,  “Down syndrome” didn’t really come up, and I kept our privacy setting as restricted. Not that I was hiding, I just wasn’t sharing. Why? Well, one reason is because most of those years were pretty, how shall I say this? Boring. Not to me, you […] more

Do I wish I’d Known?

Options There have been many big changes up to this point in my life because I’m lucky enough to have had opportunities, I’m lucky enough to have taken risks, and I’m lucky to have lived this long. For me, change is often a matter of taking or creating options. Even as a young child, there […] more

The Children’s Book Review – Review

Check out the front page of the website The Children’s Book Review and you will get a peek of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. And what’s more: A Giveaway! SO please, enter in and tell your friends to check it out. Seriously. Tell. Everyone. Thanks! The Children’s Book Review Review of Black Day is here. […] more

Break the Parenting Mold and Advocacy

Hello Friends! For this week Words in the World Wednesday – I’d like to introduce you to a new website for parents. Break the Parenting Mold launched March 1st and is preparing to help folks: Whether they need a laugh, a reminder that they’re not alone, recipes, or ideas on sensory play, Break the Parenting […] more

SO Many Reasons to Smile!

. Happy Book Birthday to a new addition to the Down Syndrome Community of Stories! . I’m pleased to be a contributor to the recent collaboration Schiffer Publishing assembled called Reasons to Smile.  . I’m just going to start with my one concern, going in, I worried that the title may lend itself to cliche’ – […] more