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What are the Odds – Brian Long

Alright kids, another treat today as we continue the What are the Odds? Series Today we’re hearing from Brian Long, self-proclaimed Dadvocate. First however, I must tell you that one of the inspirations for the What are the Odds? series was me thinking about the odds of having a child with Down syndrome, like, at […] more

The Pros and Cons of Sharing Online

The Message that The Internet is Forever… Yesterday I met a mother whose middle son died by suicide. She bravely shared about his life cut short because of two bad decisions. At some point last year he took an inappropriate picture and shared it, privately. When that picture became public, after being tormented with the possibility […] more

“The Ring” and the Stories Around It

  “Melissa loved to sit quietly in her room and write down her innermost thoughts and feelings.” Her sister, Laura, told me. I never knew Melissa, but I relate. I relate because of how as a teenager I, too, wrote to let the words comfort me and help carve my sense of place in the […] more

School Choices Pt 2 – Choosing The Madonna School

So we left off last blog at the impasse between the public school system and me when Marcus was not yet 5 years old. What happened next is someone told me about a local school for special needs students called the Madonna School.

“OK. We’ll look into it.”

In 1995 we toured the school, a small converted church in Benson, desperate for an option…We were greeted by book pages covering the principal’s floor. He apologized for the disarray, explaining he was creating the 40 odd math syllabuses for the nearly 50 students.

“Wait-” I said. “You don’t force everyone into three peg-hole options?” Marcus was only five years old and I already displayed battle fatigue from our public school experiences. The idea of school staff being on the same team as Marcus, of our educating and preparing him together to face the world-that concept created hope. more

School Choices – Part 1

“Great, some sick doctor who pops the heads off of dolls decides the requirements for my child’s school placement.” Did I say that out-loud? Or just think it? Truthfully I can’t remember.

What I remember for sure is, the whole testing event didn’t go well. We assured the psychologist Marcus could communicate with a minimum of 20 words and signs, but on this day he sat with his big blue eyes just watching the woman, tight lipped and hands down.

Not a word. Not a sign. more

The Good, The Needed, The Awesome – A #WDSD16 Wrap Up

A #WDSD16 Wrap Up For you other geeks out there, I will now share about our #WDSD experience. For those of you who stick with me, there is an extra special treat at the end, the nugget Marcus shared with me at the end of the day. From Webcam to Being There For the previous […] more

Worlds Collide – With Pictures

A very brief overview of the last few weeks. Very brief… Worlds Collide? Wow, that sounds violent. But it’s not, it’s natural. Maybe instead I should say worlds reflect, nah, too distant. Worlds Web? Closer. These last few weeks our passions, our friends, our prospects braided together, intertwined, and we spun around among them. My […] more

Words in the World – Mamalode

Hello Friends! Much to tell you, I know, I am Beeeehind! So let’s start with this little ditty picked up by Mamalode.  The prompt was “Stories” but it ended up in “Aspire” – even better! And it published on #WDSD16 – Best YET! I have to tell you, I like it. I hope you do […] more

Young Actors, Allies, and Awards

. As a child, I was told that a hummingbird shouldn’t be able to fly. I was told that, scientifically, it’s a bizarre phenomenon. Therefore, being an early lover and adapter of metaphor, I always considered the hummingbird to be the perfect example of being able to do something better if you don’t think about […] more

Why does Marcus have First Billing on the Book Black Day: The Monster Rock Band?

Today let’s discuss why Marcus Sikora, a young man with Down syndrome, has first credit for the book and why this is even a question. Writing about Creating. I’ve written many words trying to share with you how the writing process with Marcus works. Most of those words still lay jumbled on a page not […] more