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Shrek: Truth and Tickets Giveaway

The Rose Performing Arts for Children and Families in Omaha Presents Shrek The Musical. Shrek is a crowd favorite in the Sikora home. In fact, it was just featured prominently in the session Marcus and I just gave this weekend, “Storytelling as Advocacy.” We shared the key components to a good story in addition to how […] more

Empathy & Inclusion, Is it Equal or Is it Fair?

1 in 700 When my son was born I read that 1 in 700 babies are born with Down syndrome. That statistic reassured me. I mean, that’s a lot of people. Surely every American at least knows someone who knows someone with Down syndrome. It turns out, The Global Down Syndrome Foundation says that 38% […] more

A Short PSA to New Parents of a Child with Ds

. The Best Days Start with PBJ Saturday launched with a peanut butter sandwich in Times Square, where we met many friends, some of which we knew before we got there, but not all. Then we watched a big screen in the city that never sleeps and saw babies we “awwwwed,” people we “Cool!”-ed, and […] more

Sometimes Opening Minds Is Best Handled as a Soft Sell…

Welcome to a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) of a Free Write Friday, Free Write Friday is where I let loose on the reins and just type for 15 minutes about what I’m thinking and what’s going on. This post I am sharing today was originally published one year ago, Sept 4, 2015, just as Marcus […] more

Have You Seen This AWESOME Animated Short Trailer? (65 second Video)

  The Halloween candy hit the display shelves. That’s our cue… Halloween may never be the same again. Have you told your friends? You can get your own copy of the book and animated short HERE, and request an autographed copy, too! Amazon carries the book only: Black Day: The Monster Rock Band and ASK YOUR […] more

What I Learned in Bedford, IA, at a Back To School Bash

Yesterday, Hedgie’s Books and Toys in Bedford, IA, hosted a fun and well attended “End of the Summer Monster Bash” in honor of the last weekend before back to school. The event featured Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.   Every reading and book event is unique. You never know who or how many people […] more

Marcus is honored Alumnus of the Year (Video)

I inserted closed captioning – if it doesn’t default, be sure to click on it for Marcus’ speech. I think you can see, he had a great night! 🙂 more

5 Songs to Encourage Your Bless-ed AdventureS

It’s my birthday week and I’m contemplative. Having an August birthday comes with the “end of summer” and always feels a little like Lana’s, that “Summertime Sadness.” You know, melancholy with a touch of let’s-live-while-we-can feeling. (Plus it has the line, “You’re the best, baby” which, of course, makes me think Marcus wrote bits of […] more

The Night I Spoke the Words

I often filter my words, try to cook them down to the best bits, and parcel out what I share in any given story, however, sometimes, when I do not parcel, the words hit their mark. The point is made because the truth stands unfiltered. “What is most personal is most general.” – Carl Rogers. […] more

Coming Out of the “Special School” Closet (Again)

Let’s talk a little about my view from the private-special-school-closet where I wave outside but often wait to tell other advocates/parents of our choice to enroll Marcus in a “special school.” Benefits of Inclusion in the Public Schools   I admit, there is absolutely no doubt, inclusion of students with special needs in the general-ed […] more