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Somehow, It Always Comes Back to Gratitude….

February 11, blogger Cassy Fiano shared much of another anonymous blogger’s opinion in the on-line article, “Is there a wrong answer to terminating a baby with Down syndrome?” The anonymous blogger began: I was so late in pregnancy, there seemed not to be time to meet with a genetic counselor so I did my own research on Down syndrome. I concluded it was a grey diagnosis where best case was hard and worst case terrible. I could envision handling the early years, but not the long term. She goes on to explain how, though she chose to terminate this pregnancy, she will always think of and love her son with T21. In fact she says, I loved him just as much as the kids I have living here with me today, and how she is a better mother now to her other children from this experience. Also, according to her blog: The parents (of children with Down syndrome) have suffered. The kids have suffered too. I didn’t want that future for my son or for my family. more

What the……

Marcus made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and placed it on the counter. He said, “What about help?” Our kitchen overlooks the family room where I sat with a friend. “Help with what?” “What about cut?” “It’s a PB and J sandwich-I’m pretty sure you can cut that yourself.” “What the hell?” he said. more

This is the Life

Mornings have never been a Sikora specialty, no matter what time they begin. So with a cheese-stick and a glass of milk in hand (breakfast), Marcus climbs into the car to go to work. It’s a gray January morning. Most of the snow is melted, so the streets are dirty with sand and mud and the cars match. Before the first stop sign Marcus sighs a contented sigh and says, “This is the life.” Without a hint of sarcasm, he is glad to be headed to work. He’s right, of course. He’s got a job he likes, he’s got food in his grasp, “The weather’s nice,” he adds. more

Grown Ups and Downs Blog

The deal is, after the health concerns of young childhood that took a few years to mend and conquer; the concept of adulthood may be the next scariest part of having a child with special needs. Add into the mix my musician-composer-voice-over-hilarious husband, my shift from workaholic to novelist, and, well...we’ve got our ups and downs. So, here we go…To know my boy, there is nothing scary. To know our life, there is palpable joy. To know our journey, it continues to be an adventure in lessons. more