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If You’re Worried About a World Without Down Syndrome, Read This and Share

My Most Important Job Roughly 27 years ago the universe looked over my resume, took into account my previous experience, my qualifications, and my goals and gave me a job that I was totally – I mean utterly – unqualified for. Parent. And as an added bonus and complete surprise, the universe also immediately promoted […] more

Celeste is Brilliant – That is all

OK Everybody, Today is a super cool treat from friends-we-haven’t-met halfway around the world. Let me first introduce “Celeste.” Celeste, the person, lives in New Zealand and this film, “Celeste” focusses around her role as an “extra” in her favorite soap opera. I saw this film earlier this year at the Ethan Saylor Memorial Film […] more

The Letter that Rocked my World

Last week Google led me to a letter written by a 6th grader that rocked my world. The letter was a state level winner of the Letters About Literature contest sponsored by the Library of Congress. It was written to author Beth Vrabel about her book, Pack of Dorks.  I was previously unaware of this […] more

7 Lessons Learned And/Or Affirmed at NDSC

1) 1000 True Fans starts with One. Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, isn’t for everyone, but those who it is for – LOVE it! We heard of families at the show whose kids read and read again the storybook. Here’s a great share from our first biggest little fan from the conference:  We love […] more

GMO’s, Genetically Modified Humans, and Miracles

** A friend of my family proudly reiterates his relation to the man who invented the boysenberry.  Seems odd to say “invented” yet I’m pretty sure that’s the term he uses. “Inventing” food is happening all the time in labs around the world. All the while other food varieties- maybe once natural, are dying off […] more

Living Like We’ve Got 100 Junes

. Hey June, I’m not ready for you yet!  I had so many good intentions for May, and yet the bills are still scattered on the dining room table, because my office is still in disarray, and even the rebounder trampoline is still covered in papers I meant to get to. Get To. (Sigh) Ah […] more

Our Amazing Adventure

To my son Sometimes, the dreaming, the planning, and the anticipation that build up a destination are all part of the excitement. Other journeys take unexpected turns, are filled with surprising delights, and have anxious moments. They lead us out of our comfort zones, seeing, touching, and exploring worlds new to us. Our journey so […] more

Marcus & the Loud Mouths Festival

   Marcus enjoys both watching theatre and participating. It all began as a small child, when he would act out entire TV shows, movies, and ideas in a combination of pantomime and song. Now, as a young adult he pursues more public shows. The Ollie Webb Center in Omaha has a program called The Art […] more

On Becoming Marcus’ Mother

The sun shone in through the small hopper window near the ceiling. I woke up slowly and watched the sun beams that drifted to the floor. I knew it. I was a mother. From the outside I did not look…ready.

In my heart, I was. I smiled. I quit smoking.

The next week I went to the Doctor’s office for a pregnancy test. I didn’t bother buying one from the store because, well, as I said – I knew.

The test came back negative. The nurse and I spoke a bit about why I thought I was pregnant, her head shook dismissively as she wrote in the chart. I began eating lemons, friends looked at me and shrugged. Three weeks later I bought a pregnancy test at the drug store and it confirmed my knowledge. I returned to the doctor. more

Marcus’ Big Announcement Number Two (with video)

Hello Friends, Can you believe that the excitement keeps coming? Here’s another exciting event coming up:   From the Global Website: More about the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Event here. And, the story of Marcus taking on the Universe, suitable for sharing, either here on the website or Here on the HuffPost.     If […] more